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Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE hosting offers

Minecraft PE server (Pocket Edition / Bedrock Edition / PocketMine / MCPE).
Compatible with Windows 10, Android, iOS and Xbox.

Fast delivery
Support 24/7
Customizable IP

Versions 1 click installation
REDSTONE-PE 2 GB DDR4 Ram Dedicated 10 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E51 vc 3,50 GHz

1.19 €/month

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IRON-PE 4 GB DDR4 Ram Dedicated 30GB SSD Intel Xeon-E51 vc 3,50 GHz

3.59 €/month

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LAPIS-PE 8 GB DDR4 Ram Dedicated 35 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E52 vc 3,50 GHz

4,79 €/month

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GLOWSTONE-PE 12 GB DDR4 Ram Dedicated 45 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E53 vc 3,50 GHz

7,19 €/month

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DIAMOND-PE 16 GB DDR4 Ram Dedicated 50 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E54 vc 3,50 GHz 11,99 €/month Order now
STEEL-PE 22 GB DDR4 Ram Dedicated 70 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E56 vc 3,50 GHz 23,99 €/month Order now
TITAN-PE 26 GB DDR4 Ram Dedicated 120 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E57 vc 3,50 GHz 32,39 €/month Order now
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The advantages of having a server at OuiHeberg

We have Minecraft accommodations to suit all your needs. Take advantage of a server between friends or a community of a hundred players. With your servers, we provide a very complete administration panel.

  • Data security
  • Competent technicians
  • Large community
  • Scalable server

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