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Your Pterodactyl
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Hosting server Pterodactyl

Very fast delivery
Support 24/7
Management panel (Pterodactyl 1.1.1)
Disks SSD

Consumption statistics

Pterodactyl 8G 8 GB 50 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E53 vCPU @ 3.3Ghz 150 Mbps

11.99€/month Annual - -5%

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Pterodactyl 16G 16 GB 90 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E54 vCPU @ 3.3Ghz 250 Mbps

21.59€/month Annual - -5%

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Pterodactyl 24G 24 GB 130 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E55 vCPU @ 3.3Ghz 300 Mbps

28.79€/month Annual - -5%

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Pterodactyl 32G 32 GB 160 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E56 vCPU @ 3.3Ghz 350 Mbps

38.39€/month Annual - -5%

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Pterodactyl 64G 64 GB 250 GB SSD Intel Xeon-E57 vCPU @ 3.3Ghz 350 Mbps

59.99€/month Annual - -5%

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Host your Pterodactyl in seconds !

We have developed specially for you Pterodactyl offers so that you can play very quickly without having to install the panel.

Benefits ?

You are delivered in 1 minutes and your Pterodactyl server is already functional!

👉 You have no server creation limit, you are free to create at the time of servers that you want it.
👉 You have an IP dedicated to you, you can open all the ports you want for your game servers.


LoGB minecraft

Garry's Mod

LoGB Gmod


LoGB Gmod


LoGB Gmod
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Frequently asked Questions.

Your Pterodactyl server is installed and configured in 3 minutes

No, OuiHeberg automatically manages the deployment of your pterodactyl server!

No, you have no limit, you can create as many servers as you want.

We suggest you install the most famous games like, Gmod, Ark, Minecraft etc., but also voice servers.