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BungeeCord server hosting

Opt for renting your BungeeCord server and connect your Minecraft servers to one or more hubs, thus allowing your players to navigate easily between different servers using a command, a portal, or simply by clicking on a sign.

  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Server always online 24/7
  • Delivery in 5 minutes !
  • 24/7 support

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Bungeecord Hosting Offers

Support 24/7  
Anti-DDoS Game  
Management Panel  
Premium Quality  
No Commitment  
MySQL Databases 
Quick Installation  
SSD Storage  
Customizable IP  
One-Click Installable Version
Dedicated Resources  
Server in France  

4 Go
1 vCores
Xeon® E5 - 3.00Ghz
10 Go
SSD storage
2.99€/month Order new
Bungeecord network
6 Go
2 vCores
Xeon® E5 - 3.00Ghz
30 Go
SSD storage
4.99€/month Order new
Minecraft BungeeCord LITE Bungeecord
1 vCores Xeon® E5 - 3.00Ghz
10 Go SSD storage
Minecraft BungeeCord EXTRA Bungeecord network
2 vCores Xeon® E5 - 3.00Ghz
30 Go SSD storage

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What is BungeeCord server hosting ?

Create a complete hub to connect your players to your various Minecraft servers. This system allows your players to teleport from one Minecraft server to another using just one command. To fully leverage BungeeCord, you'll need at least one server. However, for optimal performance, we recommend having at least two Minecraft servers. To ensure optimal performance, consider hosting your MC servers with OuiHeberg.

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What's included with your BungeeCord server

Scalable Server

Has your BungeeCord server reached its maximum capacity ? At OuiHeberg, we can upgrade it to a higher offer with more resources (RAM/CPU/Storage) at no extra cost.

Anti-DDoS Protection

With every OuiHeberg order, DDoS attack protection is included. Our protection distinguishes between legitimate traffic and attacks. Immediate mitigation once an attack is detected.


Your server remains active every day (24/7). We ensure functional service from start to finish and are available every day. Your server doesn't shut down overnight.

Game infrastructure

We have designed a specialized and robust infrastructure for games and gamers. OuiHeberg offers you dedicated and highly performing resources to significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Simplified configuration

Our panel offers simplified configuration of BungeeCord, making management easy. So even without extensive technical expertise, you can easily set up and maintain your server network with peace of mind.

Remote backups

Quickly and efficiently backup your server along with all its associated data. All backups are systematically relocated to another data center.

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Stuck with your Bungeecord setup ? You'll find quick help on our community Discord.

Frequently asked questions about BungeeCord hosting

Do you have questions about our BungeeCord hosting services ? Check out this section for answers.

BungeeCord is a proxy server that links multiple Minecraft servers together. Thus, a player can seamlessly move from one server to another without having to disconnect. It's a powerful tool that facilitates server network management by offering features for linking and transitioning between servers in a unified network environment.

No, with BungeeCord, you can connect as many servers as you want. This gives you great flexibility to create an extensive server network, allowing players to navigate between different Minecraft servers without having to disconnect and reconnect each time.

As soon as you place an order for BungeeCord hosting, your server is created immediately. This means you can start playing and configuring your server as quickly as possible, without unnecessary waiting, to provide your players with a continuous and smooth gaming experience.

Configuring BungeeCord may require some technical understanding, but we provide comprehensive documentation and assistance to help you get started. You'll need to configure your Spigot/PaperSpigot servers and adjust some settings in the BungeeCord configuration files, but our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Yes, it's possible to connect servers using different versions of Minecraft by using additional plugins with BungeeCord, such as ViaVersion or ProtocolSupport. These plugins allow servers of different versions to communicate with each other, enabling players to access your network with different game versions.

Regularly backing up your server data is essential. At OuiHeberg, we make this task easy by offering you the option to create one-click backups from our game panel. This allows you to easily back up all configuration files, plugins, and player data so you can recover your server in case of any issues. If you need further advice or support, feel free to contact our support team.