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Your cloud host since 2018.


OuiHeberg in a few figures

Discover the key figures of OuiHeberg since its launch.

  • Creation in 2018
  • 1 DataCenter of production
  • 3 DataCenter PoP network
Our resources
  • +25Tb Ram installed
  • +54Tb SSD storage installed
  • +2 658 Processor cores

OuiHeberg was created in 2018 and has been able to adapt to different needs techniques of our customers (B2C / B2 B). Strength today OuiHeberg is undoubtedly flexibility and adaptation.

Support team

All our teams have been there since the creation of OuiHeberg, we know in the every corner of the software that we use in order to offer you a better customer follow-up.


OuiHeberg has several computer racks in our production data center (Montpellier - 34). We have field teams capable of intervening at any time on site.


Thanks to our coordinated teams, we guarantee you support with a maximum response of 24 hours.


We only work with branded suppliers in order to be able to offer you a quality of service (Samsung, IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell, etc.)

Excellence for you

You have everything to gain from being hosted with us.

Location of our data centers

Discover our network points of presence throughout Europe.