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Configuring the SQL link with oxmysql for FiveM servers

In this detailed tutorial, we cover the installation and advanced configuration of oxmysql for your FiveM server, with a particular focus on adding lines of code to the server.cfg file.

1. Environment Preparation

First and foremost, ensure that your FiveM server and MySQL database are ready and accessible. You should have administrative rights on your FiveM server and full access to your MySQL database.

2. Download and Install oxmysql

Begin by downloading oxmysql from its official GitHub repository. Place the downloaded folder into the resources/[mysql] directory of your FiveM server.

3. Configuring the `server.cfg`

Next, open your `server.cfg` file to configure it. Add this line to load oxmysql:

ensure oxmysql

This will load oxmysql on every server start.

4. SQL Connection Configuration

Configure your connection to the MySQL database by adding the following lines to your server.cfg, replacing the placeholders with your own information:

set mysql_connection_string "server=YourServerAddress;database=YourDatabase;userid=YourUsername;password=YourPassword;"

This connection string specifies your server address, database name, your user ID, and your password.

5. Testing and Validation

After configuring the server.cfg file, restart your FiveM server and monitor the logs for any connection errors. If everything is configured correctly, your server should connect to your MySQL database without any issues.

6. Security Tips

Securing your database is essential. Use complex passwords and consider implementing additional security measures such as data encryption and secure connections.

7. Maintenance and Updates

Stay vigilant for oxmysql updates to benefit from the latest features and security fixes. Also, ensure to regularly back up your database.


By following these instructions, you have established a solid and secure SQL connection between your FiveM server and your MySQL database via oxmysql. This setup ensures optimal performance and efficient data management for your game server.

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