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Best paid alternatives to cPanel

Are you looking for the best paid alternatives to cPanel control panels? We will present you with good alternatives to cPanel that you can use as replacements.

cPanel is highly regarded in the market as the best control panel for managing your websites, clients, consumers, and hosting services. However, over time, the prices of cPanel have increased significantly. This is a valid reason why some businesses and clients have switched control panels and started looking for the best alternatives to cPanel to find a more affordable solution. Here's a good alternative to cPanel that will help you.

Alternative to cPanel:

It must be said that cPanel is indeed very good, but for some reasons, its price does not match some users and hosting providers, which can be a problem for a hosting provider or reseller programs. cPanel is an excellent control panel, that's for sure. Don't have enough money? Why not check out our other article on free control panels for your server that OuiHeberg has written? That will certainly help you! Here are some suggestions as the best paid alternatives to cPanel and cheaper control panels as alternatives to cPanel's prices and features.

Best alternatives to cPanel (paid):

  1. DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is one of the best paid alternatives to cPanel. It keeps improving day by day, regularly updated, and its features are increasing month after month. It is very close to cPanel; of course, it's not identical, but most of the basic features and some advanced features are already present in DirectAdmin, which will save you money, and its interface is very pleasant! Yes, DirectAdmin has changed its old interface to a new one! DirectAdmin also offers benefits such as:

  • Allows the use of LiteSpeed as a web server
  • Allows the use of Nginx
  • Has backup and file management features
  • Incredible interface
  • Simple and easy to use (can be a bit challenging for beginners, but over time, you'll be ready)
  • More affordable price
  • Monitoring tools, server tools, and much more, just like cPanel


  1. Plesk

Plesk is a good alternative to cPanel. We must remind you that Plesk is part of the cPanel company. Nevertheless, it is still a good alternative to cPanel; of course, it doesn't have all the features of cPanel because Plesk is part of their company, but it still does a good job and is not difficult to use.

Plesk is not expensive; some users like it, some don't. Of course, it depends on what you want to do.

  1. ISPManager

ISPManager is a paid control panel that is regularly updated. It's a good and affordable control panel. We can consider this as a good control panel and one of the cheapest control panels you can use to start your business, company, hosting, or just to host and manage your servers. ISPManager offers many features.

Recently, they have added support for OpenLiteSpeed, and other updates are coming soon. For basic to intermediate server and hosting management, ISPManager is an excellent solution. The only downside is that you will need time to understand how it works, but it remains a good control panel and a good alternative to cPanel. ISPManager will save you money and offers good features.

  1. CyberPanel

CyberPanel is both a free and paid control panel, but we can't avoid listing it. CyberPanel is a fast and efficient control panel, focused on speed and performance, and integrated with OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed, allowing you to have well-optimized website hosting. CyberPanel is a good alternative to cPanel and offers good features in its paid plan.

You will feel the power of LiteSpeed, which is a good web server for your websites and projects. However, CyberPanel is not close to DirectAdmin or cPanel, but it's here to show its power, and maybe it's a good solution for you, who like and appreciate LiteSpeed web server technology. In this case, CyberPanel is made for you.

What is the best alternative to cPanel?

In our opinion, it will depend on what you want to do and your budget. We can't tell you precisely which control panel is the best or not because it will always depend on your budget and hardware. But we recommend you to choose based on your hardware and budget. Take a look at DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin is an excellent control panel and is really close to cPanel. Check out OuiHeberg's VPS or dedicated servers.


These are the best alternatives to cPanel, affordable alternatives for your budget and for your business, which will allow you to host your website more easily and without difficulty. It may take some time to understand and explore. Don't think wrong, give yourself time and explore. We guarantee that the control panels mentioned here have beautiful and incredible features. Basic features are almost guaranteed, you don't have to worry about them.


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