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Palworld major update: new features, fixes and tips

Ouiheberg is proud to announce the release of the latest update for Palworld on Steam (v0.1.4.0) and the upcoming arrival of the Xbox version (v0.1.1.3). This update brings a series of crucial fixes and enhancements aimed at enriching the player experience. From game stabilization to the introduction of new features, let's explore together what this update means for the Palworld community.

Major Fixes and Improvements

Stability and Performance:

  • Crash Fixes: An issue causing the game to crash under certain conditions has been resolved, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.
  • Reliable Backups: The first solution to a major issue where the game would crash and corrupt backup data has been implemented. While backups are now safer, data affected before the update may remain inaccessible.

Interaction and Combat:

  • Key Bindings: Support for mouse side buttons and the numeric keypad has been added, providing players with more customization options for their controls.

Pals and World Management:

  • Base Improvements: Pals manually assigned to a farm will no longer become hungry, and their tasks will not reset, making resource management easier.
  • Combat and Exploration Dynamics: Various adjustments have been made to enhance player interaction with the environment and combat, making the experience more immersive.


Player Tips


Optimize Your Experience:

  • Control Customization: Experiment with the new key binding options to find the combination that best suits you, improving your in-game responsiveness.
  • Pals Capture Strategy: Bug fixes in Pals capture make capturing more strategic. Think carefully before acting to expand your collection.
  • Advanced Base Management: Use the new features to optimize the management of your base, ensuring your Pals are effectively assigned and maintained in the best conditions.

Community Engagement:

  • Share Your Feedback: Your active participation in the community and your feedback are essential for the game's continuous development. Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions.

The Palworld update is a significant step towards a more stable, immersive, and customizable gaming experience. Players are encouraged to explore all the new features and fixes. At Ouiheberg, we remain committed to keeping you informed of the latest news and updates, thus supporting the community of passionate players. Stay tuned for further announcements and fully enjoy your adventure in Palworld.

With this update, Palworld continues its journey towards constant improvement, promising players an ever richer and engaging adventure. Ouiheberg is delighted to be part of this journey by providing up-to-date and relevant information for the community. Stay tuned for more updates and information on Palworld and other exciting games.

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