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An unprecedented attack masterfully managed: 115.4Mpkt/s and 851.7Gb/s

At OuiHeberg, our recent encounter with an unprecedented attack reaching 115.4 million packets per second (Mpkt/s) and 851.7 gigabits per second (Gb/s) on our dedicated server for FiveM (GTA V) has highlighted the effectiveness of our proactive defense system. Not only did our infrastructure withstand this attack, but it also managed it in an exemplary manner thanks to our advanced filtering system.

An Advanced Filtering System on the Front Line

Before this massive attack even reached our main infrastructure, our advanced filtering system played a crucial role. In addition to the initial attack, we handled significant remnants of 80Gb/s and 11 Mpkt/s. This system automatically identified and neutralized this residual malicious traffic, significantly reducing the load on our network. This capacity for automatic and preventive filtering is the result of years of development and optimization, reflecting our deep technical expertise in managing digital threats.


An Infrastructure Designed for Resilience

Our security approach relies not only on reacting to attacks but also on prevention and resilience. The recent attack tested these principles, proving the effectiveness of our infrastructure in proactively managing and mitigating threats. Through our VPS and dedicated servers, designed to provide high-level security, we have managed to maintain the performance and stability of the FiveM server, ensuring uninterrupted and secure user experience.

Our Commitment to Security and Performance

This event reinforces our commitment to providing our clients with seamless security and optimal performance. We understand the importance of the trust our clients place in us, especially in sensitive areas such as game server hosting. Our goal is to continue delivering a secure, resilient, and uninterrupted service capable of withstanding the most complex challenges of the digital world.

Towards a Secure and Innovative Future

The successful management of this attack demonstrates our ability to anticipate and react effectively to emerging threats. At OuiHeberg, we remain committed to investing in our infrastructure and skills to stay at the forefront of technology. We are prepared and equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow and ensure the security and satisfaction of our clients.

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