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OuiHeberg is more than a hosting provider, it's a technological ally. Since 2019, we have been providing you with secure cloud hosting solutions tailored to your most ambitious projects. Our mission : to propel your online presence through cutting-edge infrastructure and expert, dedicated technical support.

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Discover OuiHeberg by the numbers

Dive into the world of OuiHeberg and explore our achievements and resources since our launch in 2019. We are proud to share with you the key milestones and figures that define our growth and commitment to quality hosting.

  • Passionately founded in 2019
  • 3 DataCenters dedicated to production
  • 1 DataCenter PoP network to optimize connectivity
Zoom in on our resources
  • +110TB RAM installed on our servers
  • +521TB SSD storage for faster speed
  • +12 658 processor cores in total

Why Choose OuiHeberg


Since its establishment in 2019, OuiHeberg has emerged as a dynamic and innovative cornerstone in the hosting domain, agilely adapting to the diverse technical and strategic needs of our clients, both in the B2C and B2B sectors.


OuiHeberg benefits from a robust infrastructure, consisting of multiple strategically distributed server racks across several data centers in France, thus ensuring exceptional security and reliability of our services.

Expertise richness

Since the creation of OuiHeberg, all our technical teams, equipped with rich expertise and in-depth knowledge, have remained faithfully on board. We master every software we use down to the smallest detail.


When it comes to technology, we make no compromises on quality. By working exclusively with renowned brand suppliers such as Samsung, Juniper, Crucial, Intel, HP, and Dell, we assure you of quality service.

Excellence, for you

Choosing to be hosted with us means embracing excellence in every facet of your online presence. We don't just offer you hosting; we offer a dedicated partnership to propel your digital project to new heights.


Thanks to our coordinated and dedicated teams, we guarantee unrivaled support with a response ensured within a maximum of 24 hours, thus ensuring optimal responsiveness to address all your concerns and challenges.