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Web Reseller

Go beyond the limits of traditional hosting
discover a tailor-made solution for demanding resellers.

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Discover our different

We offer two packages that meet 99% of your needs for website projects. Let's celebrate simplicity.

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Shared reseller
  • Shared resources
  • Multiple OuiHeberg clients on the same machines
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Dedicated reseller
  • Dedicated resources
  • You are alone on a dedicated server, just for you
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Deploy Administer
Adapt Modify.

In the dynamic world of web hosting, flexibility and controllability are keys to success. Whether you are a seasoned developer, a website owner, or an ambitious reseller, the cPanel/WHM suite of tools offers unprecedented power and adaptability to manage your hosting and websites.

Deploying a website or application is the first step towards realizing your digital project. With cPanel/WHM, deployment becomes a breeze. You can launch websites, configure domains and sub-domains, and install web applications in a few clicks. The process is intuitive, guiding you through each step with disconcerting simplicity, ensuring that your site is ready to welcome visitors in no time.

Once online, the daily management of your websites and servers is crucial. cPanel/WHM offers a robust dashboard for administering your web resources. Whether it’s creating email accounts, managing databases, or monitoring server resources, cPanel simplifies these tasks with powerful and easy-to-use tools. Security is not neglected, with comprehensive features to protect your sites against online threats, ensuring that your data and that of your users remain secure.

Every web project is unique, requiring specific configurations and services. cPanel/WHM excels in its ability to adapt to your needs. Whether you need to increase your server resources, add specific features, or configure custom server settings, cPanel allows you to modify your hosting environment to precisely meet your requirements. This flexibility ensures that your web infrastructure can grow with your projects.

The 6 benefits of using Cpanel/WHM

Discover how cPanel and WHM can transform the management of your web hosting, by simplifying complex operations and securing your sites with unmatched efficiency.

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Intuitive user interface

cPanel is renowned for its user-friendly graphical interface (GUI). Even without deep technical skills, users can manage their web hosting and perform complex tasks thanks to a series of clearly organized icons and options.

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Complete site management

WHM allows resellers and server administrators to easily control multiple websites or hosting accounts on a single server. From creating accounts to managing quotas and features available for each site, WHM offers total control.

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Task automation

With cPanel/WHM, many administrative tasks can be automated, reducing the time and effort needed to manage websites and servers. This includes software updates, backups, and routine maintenance operations.

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Enhanced security

cPanel and WHM offer several tools and options to enhance the security of your servers and websites. These tools include SSL management, firewall access, malware protection, and more, ensuring that your data and that of your clients remain protected.

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Wide range of applications

Users can easily install and manage a wide range of web applications (such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) through integrated package managers like Softaculous. This enables one-click installation of many applications, facilitating the rapid deployment of feature-rich websites.

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Flexibility and customization

cPanel and WHM offer great flexibility in managing web hosting and servers. Users can customize the hosting environment to meet specific needs, adjust server configurations, create custom hosting packages for clients, and much more, ensuring that every aspect of hosting can be tailored to particular requirements.

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Features included in the Web Reseller service

Access management

PHP version control

Free SSL certificate

Optimization for e-commerce

Professional emails

Regular backups

DDoS protection

White label cPanel

Web application installer

Frequently asked questions about the reseller web offer

Do you have questions about our web reseller offer ? Check this section to clarify your queries.

To create a cPanel account for a client, log in to WHM, navigate to "Create a New Account" under the "Accounts" tab. Fill in the domain details, choose a hosting package, and configure the account settings as per your client's needs.

In WHM, use the "Modify an Account" option to change resource limits such as disk space and bandwidth for a client account. Select the account to modify, and adjust the settings as needed.

Yes, WHM allows resellers to customize the appearance of their clients' cPanel through the "Brand" option under "cPanel". You can upload your logo, choose themes, and customize the user interface.

In cPanel, use the "SSL/TLS" option to install an SSL certificate. You can generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and then install the SSL certificate provided by your certification authority.

Yes, via WHM, you can create customized hosting packages that limit access to certain cPanel features for clients, based on their package.

Use the "Account Transfer" tool in WHM to migrate websites between cPanel accounts, including files, databases, and email configurations.